Creche Cleaning

Cleaning childcare facilities in and around Dublin areas

Childcare is very important service. At the moment creches are planning to reopen from June 29. In order to do that, every facility must be properly and professionally deep cleaned, sanitised and disinfected. Keeping child care environment clean is the best way to ensure that children are safe, healthy and happy. We are here to do all that is necessary to make sure your childcare facility is fully ready and maintained to the highest standards

We will use child appropriate cleaning products and disinfectant. There will be no dangerous fumes, no toxic smell, so our cleaning will pose no danger for children or staff. We pay utmost attention to every detail while cleaning. This includes table legs, skirting boards, bottom of the doors, high chair legs/tables/seats, small kid chairs, radiators – everything is cleaned and sanitised

Our products are tested to BS EN 144476, BS EN 1276, BS EN 13697 against Coronaviruses.

We suggest to use air mist to completely disinfect the area. This type of disinfection is highly effective atmospheric sanitiser that will kill all bacteria and viruses in the air. It completely disinfects places that might otherwise be missed or out of reach.

After the initial deep clean, regular disinfection should be a part of the cleaning routine.

We are happy to provide professional throughout cleaning service, with attention to every detail

  • Cleaning without leaving chemical residue on the surfaces and in the air
  • Outstanding results and careful planning
  • Full disinfection of surfaces after each clean
  • Colour coded cloths to prevent cross-contamination
  • Using steamer to get into hard reach areas

We guarantee that you and the parents will be very pleased with the results!

Cleaning includes, but not limited to:

Full clean of toilets including sink, cubicle walls, doors, handles, tiles, shelves, changing units. Disinfection of all surfaces

Rooms: Cleaning and disinfecting: High Chairs, door handles, surfaces, windowsills, toys, chairs, tables, cots. Disinfection

We will use our own cleaning material and equipment, including professional steamer that will help to eliminate all germs. Following the cleaning, we will disinfect all surfaces after each clean.

Toys, high chairs, kitchen areas, shelves, most touched areas such as switches, handles, tables are cleaned and disinfected

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