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We are trusted and experienced property cleaners in Dublin and county Dublin


We are using EPA-approved products against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 to disinfect property after the deep clean.

The disinfection of surfaces is included and provided after the Deep cleaning service.

For the deep clean service we bring all necessary equipment / products

We clean and disinfect all our equipment and cleaning bottles after EACH deep cleaning job.

We use colour coded cleaning cloths, we follow safety procedures, using best  equipment and non allergenic most advanced cleaning solutions to get the result that will impress you.

Our cleaning products are biodegradable and safe to use around children and as an added bonus we incorporate quality Essential oils into our cleaning. cleaning with esential oils

Use of professional steamer is also included. The steamer allows us to get rid of any stubborn dirt, get to places that otherwise would be impossible to reach. Steamer also gets rid of bacteria and germs, kills bad odours by reaching deep inside the pores of the floor, in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Our Deep Cleaning work:


house deep clean house deep cleaning


For the deep cleaning service, please choose any option that is the most suitable for your home

Option 1

Complete deep cleaning following by all surfaces disinfection and air sterilisation with Atmospheric Sanitizer that stops and eliminates all viruses, germs, bacteria. This method disinfects everything it comes into contact with.

This is the most powerful airborne and all surface sanitiser and disinfection method.
It remains active for up to 7 days

Option 2

Complete deep cleaning following by all surfaces disinfection without using Air Sterilisation method

Option 3

Call us if you would like Air Sterilisation with Atmospheric Sanitizer on its own. This will kill viruses and bacteria on contact.
Completely eliminates bad odours and mould, freshening and deodorising the interior environment.
Effective against Norovirus, Coronavirus, Legionella, Salmonella, MRSA

Please call to discuss details, we will carefully listen to your preferences and will work out best cleaning plan that is suitable for you personally.


  • All equipment is provided
  • Non toxic cleaning products included in price
  • Colour coded cloths
  • Using professional grade steamer
  • Using medical grade products, tested to BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276, BS EN 13697
  • Full disinfection of surfaces after the deep clean

We will email the cleaning checklist that we would ask you to fill in, marking all tasks that are required. This will help us on the day, we will follow this checklist and make sure nothing will be missed.


Something to note:

We are using a lot of equipment, and will need to park the car when we arrive for deep clean. If the parking is not free we ask customer to pay for the parking for the duration of the cleaning

*Please note we don’t provide key pick up/drop off service. 

When the cleaners arrive, somebody must be at the premises to let them inside and to provide access to the property to be cleaned. Please note, if we are not able to get access to the property on arrival, we will still have to charge some amount to compensate our cleaners. Charging fee of 25% of the agreed deep cleaning price, 75% of the agreed regular cleaning price will apply.

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