Childcare facilities are set to reopen

Childcare facilities are set to reopen

We all are waiting patiently when childcare facilities will reopen again.  Our children will go back to creches or play centers and we want to make sure that the place they are going to spend most of their time or even few hours is super sparklingly clean and all the areas are sanitised and disinfected.
Childcare is very important service. At the moment creches are planning to reopen from June 29.
In order to do that, every facility must be properly and professionally deep cleaned and disinfected.

Keep it clean but keep it safe

Keeping child care environment clean is the best way to ensure that children are safe, healthy and happy.
To make sure your childcare facility is fully ready and maintained to the highest standards it is vital to hire cleaning professionals for this task and after the initial deep clean, regular disinfecting should be a part of the cleaning routine. Using our efficient Ecoleen cleaning service is the best way to make sure you are fully ready to invite children back.
We are making sure not to use harsh chemicals, and only using appropriate approved disinfectants without dangerous fumes, toxic smells, so the cleaning poses no danger for children or staff.
Every surface must be cleaned with attention and no details missed. This including table legs, skirting boards, bottom of the doors, high chair legs/tables/seats, small kid chairs, radiators – everything must be cleaned and sanitised and disinfected.

Please remember, according to “Guide to Infection Prevention and Control” for Childcare Facilities, chemicals should not be used on a regular basis, as they are not usually necessary and can cause breathing and allergy problems in children and staff.

Consider using air sanitiser as well as surface disinfectant, that is approved to use in schools and creches.

As part of our COVID-19 cleaning, we at Ecoleen are offering Germicide Atmospheric Sanitiser to kill viruses in the air and on the surfaces that will remain active for up to 7 days.

Safe use of cleaning materials and cleaning equipment is also very important. All personnel should be instructed on safe cleaning and disinfection methods.

Big picture in small details

The best cloths to use for cleaning is microfiber.
This type of material traps dust and dirt and prevents it from going into the air, and from the air back onto the surfaces. Those are also possible to wash on hot cycle, if disposable cloths are considered expensive to use.
It is also very important to have colour coding system in place, to avoid cross contamination.
Avoid sharing cloth between areas to prevent spread of bacteria.
After the cleaning leave disinfectant on the surface to work for at least 10 minutes, before wiping it off with clean cloth or paper towel.
It is important to look after the equipment regularly too.

Disinfect the vacuum cleaner preferably after each use, and make sure vacuum bags are not full, or empty bagless hoover regularly. Always check the filter and clean it. It is a good idea to wash it in the evening and let it air dry during the night, then in the morning it will be clean and ready to use again.

The cleaning equipment also should be coded. For example, it is important to make sure that the same mop is not being used for the toilets and other areas of the premises.

Remember, disinfecting is not effective if the area is not cleaned first from the debris, spillages or any visible dirt. Cleaning is vital step in keeping the area free of germs, following by proper disinfection methods.