Carpet Cleaning

You may want to add carpet cleaning service to the deep cleaning routine.

By using highest grade carpet cleaning machine we are able to provide you with the best quality results, the carpet is clean like new and gets dirty again very slowly, as each fibre is professionally cleaned deep from the base.

  •  10% discount for carpet cleaning if booked as part of the deep clean.
  • We use latest modern carpet cleaning equipment and method, that allows complete cleaning of each fibre by removing dirt from the base of the carpet fibres.
  • Quality results
  • Carpets dry in 1 hour



Our carpet cleaning price list for regular size Dublin property.
Prices exclude VAT at 13.5%

  • Single room 35 eur
  • Double room 45 eur
  • Stairs and landing 45 eur
  • 1 bedroom house including 1 room, sitting room, stairs, landing 90 eur
  • 2 bedroom house including 2 rooms, sitting room, stairs, landing 110 eur
  • 3 bedroom house including 3 rooms, sitting room, stairs, landing 130 eur
  • 4 bedroom house including 4 rooms, sitting room, stairs, landing 150 eur